Raw Talent Productions is an Entertainment Agency that represents entertainers, producers, athlete (s), artist (s), models, and others interested in the entertainment industry. RTP also promotes large special events like: concerts, talent shows, theme parties, ECT. Raw Talent Productions is a company that encompasses a broad range of businesses, including: management (entertainment, music and athletics), consultanting, marketing/advertising, recording & commercial production and music publishing. Raw Talent Productions is dedicated to identifying, developing, producing and marketing, people in the entertainment industry that possess ambition, talent, and the right attitude to compete in today's entertainment industry. Our motto is to be the missing link between the people and the entertainment industry. We challenge all of our clients to improve their talents by using more creativity in their performance, allowing their audience to recognize their personalized style. Our individualized support program focuses on providing the necessary tools to allow the artist to be showcased in their personal competitive market of the industry. Our goal is to help our client's to overcome the entertainment industry's barriers, gain a greater global market, share and increase the amount of advertisement through mainstream media outlets and complete our clients goals of success. Once an entertainer is apart of our team, the company influences their image by learning what the entertainers style and swagger is and exploiting it in a positive way allowing them to give the full experience of their performance to the target audience. We then develop marketing campaigns that speak directly to consumers by establishing promotions through TV & radio advertisements, web sites, banners, posters, postcards, t-shirts and digital media. RTP believes by doing this we will surely be able to tap into the hearts and minds of the people. This, in addition to building a roster of unique and marketable acts is the key components to our success. From music to fashion from sports to theme parties, Raw Talent Productions is a company that oversees the business interests of its founder and CEO Laverne Williams and Co-owner and Vice President James Wright. The duo are entrepreneur's that are known for managing talent, creating opportunities for entertainers, mentor talent and grassroots marketing/ advertising making the people see the RTP vision. The chemistry is strong between the two because they are mother and son.